Welcome to your source for professional USB extender solutions.

Amplicon Benelux delivers professional USB solutions from Icron, Moxa and Digi. As well as USB extenders over CAT5, fiber and air, we supply USB to serial and USB over IP solutions. 

Using Icron's  ExtremeUSB® technology, USB is no longer limited to the desktop range of 5 meter, but can be extended to cover a range up to 100 meters over UTP Cat5, or 10 kilometers over fiber, or even wireless.

ExtremeUSB benefits:

  • Only USB-IF compliant extension solution available today
  • Fully Transparent - no drivers, setup or configuration necessary
  • Plug and Play and hot swappable
  • Support for USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 devices
  • Extends USB up to 10km
  • UTP (Cat5/6), Fiber and RF solutions available

ExtremeUSB can be used in most applications where USB devices are required to be more than 5 meters away from a host computer.

Including such applications as:

  • remote desktops
  • keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) extension
  • security and surveillance
  • professional audio/video
  • point-of-sale (POS)
  • industrial control
  • medical devices
  • enterprise computing.